Savelli, brand inspired in a small Italian province with the same name, was founded in 2005 in the city of Franca-SP, an important Brazilian footwear pole.
Focusing on quality, innovation and sophistication, our shoes cater to diverse tastes and styles, always valuing modernity, versatility and comfort.
We use high quality raw material, natural and non-pigmented leather.
The quality of our products crosses many borders. Besides Brazil, we are present in 38 countries around the world. That makes us a company with strong presence which honors its origins and leaves its mark wherever it goes.
Each person who makes up our team plays a significant role. We value these roles and we know the importance of everyone in making good footwear, with transparency being the basis of all our relationships, from our suppliers to our customers.
This is a brief history of Savelli footwear, which has pursued footwear, process and people excellence for more than 10 years, with honesty cooperation and passion for work.